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Concord, Massachusetts 01742




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Patrons & Sponsors Campaign    
December 2020

Dear Friends of the Concord Chorus,

The time has come for our 2020-2021 Patrons and Sponsors campaign, when we ask for direct, tax-deductible donations to support the Concord Chorus’s ongoing operations, and in celebration of our 75th Anniversary! This year as a chorus we have missed singing together and for you during the COVID-19 pandemic while we all take action to try to protect our communities and ourselves.

To help the Concord Chorus recover from the challenges of concert cancellations, you can write a check and send it to Concord Chorus, P.O. Box 171, Concord, MA 01742 or donate with PayPal using the button above.   Please donate the greatest amount that is comfortable for you. One hundred percent of your donation goes to the operations of the Chorus, and it also helps us to make successful grant applications.

As a gift to you please enjoy a special collection of Concord Chorus holiday music! The collection contains music by Handel, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, and carols.  You can listen to our holiday music on Concord Chorus YouTube. Be sure to click on "SHOW MORE" in the description under each video for more information, including program notes, texts, and translations.

Additionally, we are busy producing a documentary video of the Concord Chorus's 75-year history. If all goes well, our video should become available on YouTube and other formats in the spring of 2021.

Your donation today is tax-deductible, and the Chorus is eligible for matching gifts from your employer. Attached is our Patrons and Sponsors donation form.  Please note that we will be listing your names on our website instead of in our programs this year.  

 We look forward to seeing you when we do resume in-person concerts and fundraisers. Meanwhile, be sure to visit our Facebook page or Twitter. Thank you for your donation and continued support.

Nelson Rosas, Chair 
Concord Chorus Executive Committee


The Concord Chorus is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Federal Tax ID No. 04-6115964


Donors will be acknowledged at the following levels:

Conductor's Circle ($5,000+)

Patron ($2,500+)

Benefactor ($1,000+)

Sustainer ($500+)

Sponsor ($250+)

Support ($100+)

Friend (up to $100)

Donations will be recognized on this page and tentatively in our spring concert program.


Patrons & Sponsors

                                                                                              BENEFACTOR ($1,000+)

     Karen Brown & Charles Jennings
   Peter Gunness
Andrew & Brenda Hawes
Jane Andrews Luckner
Liz Megerle
Nelson & Ann Rosas

Libby Wilson

                                                                                                 SUSTAINER ($500+)

Anonymous (2)
Walter & Susan Birge
Maggie Brewer
Al & Juanita Healy
Judy Perkins
Diane & Alan Proctor
     Paul Anagnostopoulos & Cynthia Sorn

SPONSOR (250+)

  Edith B. Boyden
  Liza F. Carter
Joseph & Marcia Connolly
Jo Goldman & Greg Kotonias
Dixie Grimes
Peter & Pam Herrup
Ann Jones & Gary Monserud
Kathleen Molony
Kieran Nicholson

Cathy Schen & Peter Hoenig
Warren Schur
Caitlin Smith & Tom Ehbrecht
Andrew Southcott
Priscilla & Jonathan Stevens
Seung-Won & Jerry Vabulas
Mary Jane and Bernie Wuensch

      SUPPORTER ($250+)   

Anonymous (8)
Paula Adelson
   Barbara Beal
Julian Cole & Jennifer Beal
Nancy and Reinier Beeuwkes
Linda Booth
Marcia Bradley
Philip & Barbara Carvey




Dick & Kathy Chick
John & Anne Colman
Sally Cross
Mary DeGarmo
John J. Finni
Russ Wolf & Marty Gilpatrick
Frank Harrigan
The Keep Family
Lee & Lucy Liu
Dr. Daniel MacPhail
Kathryn L. Maffei
Dr. John Makhoul
Jeanne Maloney
Jameson & Polly Marvin
Emily & Henry Moss
William C. & Betsy Moyer
Allen Rossiter
Deborah W. Sawyer
Ruth Scheiber-Kurtz
Katherine Scoville
Debby & Chuck Sirois
Irl Smith
George & Jean Wiltsee
Carl Wrubel
Louis & Carol Zaczkiewicz

                                                                                           FRIEND (Up to $100)

Anonymous (2)
Rick and Michelle Binzel
Lisa Gallatin

Claire Gerstein
Jason & Gretchen Grant
Kimball Halsey
Anne Bickford & Allen Marshall
Sydney Menger
Kenneth Prescott
Alisa Ruggiero
Judith Schwartz
Michael & Diane Spence
Nancy Stockwell-Alpert
Bakhita Thordarson
Robert Ward
Kim Ward
Andrea Winslow

Dedicated Gifts

In honor of Kevin Leong
Libby Wilson

In memory of Maria Anagnostopoulos
Cynthia Sorn

In memory of Thomas P. Beal

Barbara Beal


In memory of Carol Birdsall

Dick & Kathy Chick


In memory of Donato Bracco

Celia Silanonte


In memory of Sara Conover Butturini

Nelson & Ann Rosas


In memory of Patricia Flanagan

Andrew & Brenda Hawes, Daniel MacPhail


In memory of The Reverend Margaret (Peggy) Gunness

Peter Gunness


In memory of Dr. William T. Maloney

Jeanne Maloney


In memory of Audrey Quail

John Finni


In memory of D. Elliott Wilbur